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Global trade finance support

Do you recognize these problems within your company?

  • Unfamiliarity with possibilities of Letters of Credit (L/C), bankguarantees and other Trade Finance instruments

  • Delays in incoming payments

  • Penalties, Demurrage costs, additional (bank) costs

  • No optimal cooperation between Sales, Finance and Logistics

  • Miscommunication

  • Lack of qualified personnel

  • Lack of knowledge of international payments

  • Permanent training needs, LC training

  • LC confirmations that are not always treated with the care they deserve!

  • Unworkable LC’s because of unenforceable clauses

  • Refusal of LC documents

  • Fraudulent (bank) cheques

  • Unpaid Documentary Collections

  • Unfair calling of Bankguarantees

  • Compliance and AML

The solution is mainly to bring knowledge together within your organization. Tradelinq Solutions is happy to help you with customized support or guidance, fitting perfectly within your company.

One of the enduring lessons learnt from the crisis in the past and those to come is the role of Trade Finance enabling the successful conduct of cross-border trade. The business of Trade Finance is well-established, with a solid set of traditional Trade Finance instruments that have earned global trust and proven their effectiveness over a period of several hundred years, perhaps longer. Amongst others the LC has a long standing as an effective means to facilitate the proper execution of contracts of purchase and sale of goods and has proven to be very resilient.

LC’s support still more than 10 percent of global trade flows. The LC demonstrates robustness in times of crisis and importers and exporters return to this mechanism based on its highly effective risk mitigation capabilities. Whereas in general the LC serves its purpose well and provides security for both supplier and buyer, it is an instrument that as such has its limitations.

This observation is of importance, especially so as too many appear to be guided by the illusion that if only a LC is used, the payment risk in dealing with unknown trade partners and/or less creditworthy countries is eliminated.

Trade is seen as one of the major key contributors to global stability and eventual economic recovery. Therefore also Trade Finance instruments need to develop as well. Importers and Exporters expect from the financial service industry new technologies that meet the 21st Century with models and processes that facilitate international Trade. A combination of circumstances and expectations of Importers and Exporters have motived the financial service industry to develop innovative Fintech/Block Chain solutions. Also for these new Trade Finance solutions Tradelinq Solutions is the right partner, to show you all the possibilities.